About us

Rasita Power Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2011 by Mrs. Banheuang OUDONE, an entrepreneur who heads the Longsheng Group ( a group of companies focused into the businesses of production and export of different seafood in frozen as well as canned forms) with a registered capital of USD 14.6 million and total capital of 40 million at present.

The Nam Hinboun Downstream Hydro Power Project (15 MW)  was awarded to Rasita Power Co.,Ltd. for development on Built Operate and Own (BOO) basis for a Concession period of 30 years. The Feasibility Study for the project was done, the Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) was signed in December, 2015 with the state utility EDL for a period of 30 year. The Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract to implement the project has recently been awarded to ANHE, a reputed Chinese firm. The construction of the project is to be started by November, 2016 and is stipulated to complete within 27 months.

The company has in its disposal a group of professionals having wide ranges of experiences right from development of Hydro Power project, Structural Engineering, Management of production enterprises, Financial analysis to HR management which provide the competencies to venture into Hydro Power and electricity business.


Profiles of the Key Personnel:

  1. Mrs Banheuang OUDONE: is the Chairperson of the company. Based in Zhejiang, China , she has been working as the General Manager of   Zhejiang Longsheng Co. Ltd. which is into the business of production and export of canned seafood since 1994. Prior to it, she worked in Management of Production and Export of canned seafood and frozen vegetables in Shantou, Guangdong Province, China since 1985 to 1993.
    • She also had vast experiences of leading a number of companies engaged in the business of Construction, Plywood and Furniture in Lao PDR since 1964 till 1984.
    • She is a Post Graduate in Finance and Management in Industry from Hyderabad, India and in Finance, Law and Management from China.
    • She can speak fluently Chinese, English and French, her mother tongue is Lao, Thai.
  1. Mr Somphone OUDONE: is the General Manager and Chief Executive of the company. He is also the founder of Rasita Sand & Gravel Co.,Ltd. and Rasita Agriculture Co.,Ltd. Based in Vientiane, Lao PDR, he is the driving force of Rasita Power Co.,Ltd.
    • Mr Somphone OUDONE started his career in 1979 as a Drilling Engineer and then rose to the rank of General Service Engineer and Field Manager in Shlumberger, the famous oilfield services company and was posted in many African countries, France, England and Spain. After leaving oil industry in 1991, he had a brief stint in Longshang Aquatic Product, China from 1992 to 1993 as General Manager. He founded Rasita Sand & Gravel Co.,Ltd. in 1994 where he worked as a General Manager till 2011 before taking over the charge of the General Manager in Rasita Power Co.,Ltd.
    • Mr Somphone OUDONE is a member of IFC working group on Hydro Power development in Lao PDR, a consultant for LUF Thailand for expansion of projects in Lao and also the Co-Founder and Auditor of Lao-Chinese Overseas Chamber of Commerce.
    • Mr Somphone OUDONE holds a Master degree in International Business awarded by Chamber of Commerce, Bordeaux and a Bachelor degree in engineering from University of Science Pau et Pays d’ Adour, France.
    • Mr Somphone OUDONE is instrumental in obtaining required clearances from different agencies of the Government for development of Nam Hinboun Downstream Hydro Power project and also successfully pursued to sign the MOU, CA and PPA for the project.
    • A seasoned strategist, Mr Somphone OUDONE successfully negotiated with the EPC Company ANHE to sign the Contract Agreement and to accept the Work Order for the Nam Hinboun Downstream project with terms and conditions satisfying all the stakeholders and other concerned.
    • Mr Somphone OUDONE is as fluent in French, English and Chinese as his mother tongue Lao/Thai.
  1. Mr Nanong Khotphathoum : is a highly qualified and experienced Environmental Scientist.
    • He is also presently heading ESL Sole Co.,Ltd., a firm providing consultancy services in Environment Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment, Resettlement and all other issues relating to environment. He has vast experiences of carrying out of EIA and SIA studies for a number of hydro power, electricity transmission projects, co-ordinated with govt agencies, consulting with village, province and central levels to get the necessary clearances.
    • Mr Khotphathoum has a Post Graduate degree in Water Resources Management from Hungary, a Post Graduate Diploma in NGO leadership and Management from USA besides a Bachelor Degree in Science (Physics) from Lao PDR.
    • His association with Rasita Power Co.,Ltd. helps in carrying out obligatory Initial Environment Examination (IEE), preparing effective plans for mitigation of potential Impacts on environment and ecology so as to make the project environment friendly, benefiting the local populace and the society besides the  stakeholders.
    • Mr Khotphathoum is Fluent in English and French besides his mother tongue Lao.


  1. Mrs Vilay MARCHAL : is a major stake holder of the company and is the Deputy General Manager.
    • Mrs MARCHAL has wide experiences of working as Purchase Manager in the companies viz OUDONE Food, SOUVANG SA, PARROT SA, RENAULT SA in Paris staring from 1990 to 2010.
    • Mrs Vilay MARCHAL has a Master degree of Management of International Purchasing and also a Master degree in International Business, both from CESI, Paris, France.
    • Fluent in French and English, Mrs MARCHAL has professional ability in Chinese and Lao languages.


  1. Mr Pakaysith BOUNTAY: is a Civil Engineer specialized in Structural Design. He also holds a Master degree in Business Management from Beijing Jiao Tong University, Beijing, China.
    • He has been working as a General Manager Assistant in Lao Land Paradise Developing Real Estate Co.,Ltd., a company into the business of Real Estate development based in Vientiane, Lao PDR.
    • His expertise on structural engineering will be beneficially utilised during the construction of the Nam Hinboun Hydro Power project.
    • Fluent in Chinese, intermediate in English, his mother tongue is Lao.


  1. Mr Heuang CHUNDARA: is highly experienced of working as a professional in Finance and Audit in many departments in government of Lao PDR since 1976 till 2004. He was the head of Finance department of Ministry of Industry and craft, Govt of Lao PDR, House Auditor and Controller at Lao Electricity (EDL).
    At Rasita Power Co.,Ltd., he has been looking after the issues relating to Finance, Accounts, Liasoning with government bodies.


  1. Mr Simon CHEN: joined the company as a Business Development Director. Prior to it, he worked with Sichuan Xinyu Power Generation Equipment Technology Development Co., Ltd, as International sales manager, the company develops and manufactures hydro turbine generator technology and supplies whole package of equipment for hydro power stations from 2008 to 2015. At the same time he was also associated with Engineering Design Research Institute of Sichuan University Co., Ltd, as Project Manager for international hydro power projects, the Institute is into the business of survey, design and construction supervision for hydro power projects, chemical factory, buildings, roads etc.
    • Mr Simon CHEN was also a Co-Founder and International Sales Manager for Shenzhen Limeng Technology development Co., Ltd, the company manufactures multimedia speaker, DVD players, and sells small wind turbines.
    • Mr CHEN was actively involved in Feasibility Study and preparation of bidding document of the project while working with the Engineering Design Research Institute of Sichuan University Co., Ltd,  and also involved in drafting, negotiation of the Contract Agreement the project.
    • Mr Simon CHEN holds a graduate degree in engineering with major in Water Resources and Hydro Power Engineering from Changsha University, China.
    • Mr CHEN is fluent in English whose mother tongue is Chinese.


  1. Sadiqur Rahman Boruah: joined the company as Adviser (Technical) and had assisted in negotiation with the EPC contractor for Nam Hinboun Downstream project.
    • He had more than 30 years of working experiences in different sectors of electricity utility. Started his career as an Assistant Engineer in 1985 with Assam State Electricity Board (the erstwhile state utility of Assam, India) he left it after 21 years of service in 2006. During this period he was responsible in installation, commissioning and maintenance of a number of PLCC, HF, VHF wireless and digital switching telecom systems set up for in house use. He also worked as a Dispatcher at the State Load Despatch Centre of the state electricity transmission grid, actively involved as co-ordinator of the core group in implementing the SCADA system for the state grid.
    • Since 2006 to 2010, Mr Sadiqur Rahman Boruah worked with an electricity EPC company Nortech Power Project Ltd. based in Kolkata, India as a Project Co-ordinator where he was also assigned to look after the erection works of Electro-mechanical & electrical equipment, testing and commissioning of the Seppa Hydro Power project (3MW), Arunachal Pradesh in India.
    • During his stint with SM Energenco from 2012 to 2014, an energy company of Guwahati, India as a Deputy General Manager (Business Development) he had successfully negotiated with the state government of Meghalaya, India to bag a 2-stage Hydro Power project of 25 (15+10) MW to be developed as BOOT (Built Operate Own and Transfer) basis, later on also active involved in the Feasibility study and the preparation of the Report.
    • Mr Sadiqur Rahman Boruah is also an empanelled Consultant of NEDFi, a nationalized development Bank based in northeastern region of India for their Advisory and Consultancy services department.
    • Mr Sadiqur Rahman Boruah has also experiences on Cost of Services studies and tariff determination.
    • Mr Sadiqur Rahman Boruah is a first class graduate in Electrical Engineering from Dibrugarh University, a state University of India. He had also been trained on SCADA/EMS, Data Communication, small Hydro Power plant (Operation).
    • Mr Sadiqur Rahman Boruah is fluent in English, Hindi and Bengali whose mother tongue in Assamese (an Indian language)
  1. Hatphaxay CHANTHADARA : Joined in 2013 as an Environmental Engineer, he has been co-coordinating in Initial Environment Examination (IEE) activities for the Nam Hinboun Downstream Hydro Power project. Besides he has also been associated in co-ordination work with Government agencies.
    • Mr. Hatphaxay CHANTHADARA holds a graduate degree in Environment Engineering from National University of Lao. He has also been studying for a Master Degree in Environment Engineering and Management in Lao National University. He had also been trained on sustainable climate change and energy education development that including energy planning, impact assessment, research methodology, climate change and valuation of ecosystem.
    • He is good in speaking English and his mother tongue is Lao.